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liver cake

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today’s post is how to make liver cake for dogs.

home made treats have wonderful advantages over store bought treats.

You have complete control over the ingredients. Leave out the additives, preservatives, and fillers that have no nutritional value. If you know your dog is crazy about certain foods, use them! Or, if there are particular flavors he’s not a fan of, leave those out. Feel at ease knowing you’re feeding your dog something healthy with wholesome ingredients. Best of all, if your dog has sensitivities to certain ingredients or is on a special diet, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on speciality items when you can simply make it at home.

Making your own dog treats is typically quite cost-effective. Especially if you already have many of the ingredients on hand—perhaps you have parsley growing in your garden. Necessary ingredients that you do have to buy can often be found in the bulk section of your grocery store, and if the cost seems expensive up front, remember that you will likely be able to make many batches from your one purchase.

our favourite home made treat is liver cake, see our favourite recipe below

liver cake recipe

Size of your dog
When you make homemade treats, the control is in your hands, so you can make them an appropriate size for your dog. A Rhodesian ridgeback and a Yorkshire terrier certainly do not need the same size biscuit. The choices available online are ample for buying fun dog biscuit cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes

Bedlington dog walking spaces

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Bedlington dog walking

space available in our Bedlington dog walking group.

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Pawsitively Purrfect  offers group walks of 60 minutes.  With travel time dogs are usually out of the house for between 1½ to 2 hours, depending on the location of our walk that day.

We vary the walk’s location as much as possible to ensure the dogs never get bored!

Here in Northumberland we are lucky to have many beautiful locations including parks and beaches we can visit.

we offer both group and solo dog walks.

Benefits of group walks

Group walks give your dog(s) a chance to interact with other dogs, and  burn more energy off as they run around and chase and play with each other.

We will ensure that your dog is walked in a group which suits his/her needs. Dogs are closely supervised while mixing with other dogs to ensure all dogs are happy and enjoying their walks.

All dogs are introduced to other dogs before taking part in group walks to ensure your pet gets on with their walking buddies.

Solo walks

Pawsitively Purrfect  offers solo dog walks where your dog(s) is walked alone.

Ideal for dogs that or nervous of other dogs or do get along with other dogs and prefer to go it alone.

Also perfect for older or younger dogs that can not walk for an hour and for those that are recovering from illness or surgery.

Please note

No dog is let off lead without their owner’s written consent and signed disclaimer form. If you are happy for your dog(s) to be let off lead they will initially be walked on a long line to ensure good bond with myself and adequate recall. If they can not be left safely off lead a long line/flexi lead can be used.  We only allow dogs off lead in areas we deem to be safe and suitable and are away from roads and livestock

No more than six dogs are walked together at any one time.  This is  for the dogs’ safety and comfort.

Bitches in season can not be walked. We are happy to visit bitches in season for toilet breaks for the duration of their season.

After every walk, we ensure your dogs are cleaned and dried to the best of our ability, but we can not get them completely dry and clean.

We will provide fresh water and ensure they are happy and well before we leave them at your home.

With permission, pictures will also be uploaded of your dog(s) walk to our Facebook page.