Daily Visits

Daily pet care.

Ideal for those who work.

Pawsitively Purrfect’s daily visits service is ideal for those who work long hours and are out at work all day or for anyone who has to go away for the day.  In these circumstances I can come visit your pets in their home during the day to care for and feed them.  I can let out dogs and puppies into your garden for a toilet break and spend some time playing and giving attention to your pet to break up their day and provide cuddles and much needed boredom relief!

Daily visits are especially suited for puppies and kittens that need regular toilet breaks and feeding, older dogs that would struggle on a long walk, bitches in season, and any pet that needs medication during the day such as those recovering from illness or surgery.

Great for puppies and older dogs.

Or for pets recovering from surgery or illness.

For puppies once they are vaccinated and can go outside daily visits can include a short walk around the block to help them prepare for group dog walks when they are old enough.  This is great for young pups as it provides much needed mental stimulation and will also help socialise them by enabling them to meet other people, dogs and new sights!

For those that work in jobs when they often can delayed or have a long commute I can hold keys for one off emergency visits to provide daily visits should you be away from home longer than anticipated.