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Innovative and Inspirational Dog Training with Jo Hill.

About Dog Training with Jo Hill.

Jo Hill is one of the most innovative and influential dog trainers in the country. Following a successful career in competitive obedience and achieving titles in IPO, Jo now successfully teaches Crufts Obedience Championships winners, working trial champions, IPO and HWTM competitors.

Renowned for ‘thinking outside the box’ and keeping up to date with current research on canine learning patterns and behaviours, Jo is constantly evolving her training methods to huge success using purely positive training methods.

Training with Jo consists of using positive techniques and motivational methods only.

Treats and toys are used in abundance. Force, pain and punishment are NOT options!

Jo’s training is very much catered to you and your dog’s needs. Dogs are not taught in a group, you get one on one direct instruction from Jo on the exercises of your choosing.

Jo tailors her training to suit each dog as an individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ mindset! She will work with you and your dog to motivate and bring out the best in them!

jo hill obedience trainer

Bespoke training in your sport, catered to your dog’s needs.

dog training with jo hill

About the group.

The group meets in the Newcastle upon Tyne area once a month for dog training with Jo Hill.

We train in a doggy day care facility that is perfect for dogs. The large indoor hall we use has a rubber non slip floor, which means the dogs can work and run about in safety.

We also have access to a very large, fully secure outside space. The flooring outside is rubber which provides a safe, low impact surface should you want to work on anything that involves jumping or high speeds.

The venue also has a large car park that is monitored by security cameras so the safety of the dogs in vehicles can be monitored.

Small group.

The group limits the number of handlers allowed to 12 per session. This ensures the handlers have adequate amounts of training with Jo. Handlers work their dogs in turn, having one on one direct training with Jo. In between these training sessions dogs must be kept in vehicles.

You will need to bring treats and toys for your dog and any equipment that you would like to work on, such as dumbbells, scent cloths etc. You will also need to bring your own lunch but we provide plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits and cake!

Spectators are always welcome to come along and watch before booking a handler place.


Handler fees are £35 and spectator places are £10. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to book ans secure your place at out next training weekend!

dog training with jo hill

Suitable for handlers and dogs of all abilities.

dog training with jo hill

Everybody welcome!

It doesn’t matter if you have your first competition puppy or if you’re a seasoned handler, everybody is very welcome to come and join our group!

We have handlers that are just starting out to those that have been competing for many years and are at the top of their sport.

Dogs all ages train with us. We have Puppies that are just starting out to older adult dogs that are moving up through the levels in their sport.

Suitable for all competitive dog sports.

All competitive dog sports catered for.

We have handlers that compete in a whole host of dog related sports. While we do have many handlers that compete in competitive obedience, we also have those that train for IPO, Working trials and even Heel work to music and agility.

Collies aren’t the only dogs that take part, we also have GSD’s, Malinois, golden retrievers, spaniels and cross breeds of all descriptions.

All sports and breeds are encouraged to join us!

dog training with jo hill

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