Why we’re the best!

We’re professional

Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Care is owned and ran by and ex-veterinary nurse who has qualifications and expert training in small animal care.

We’re reliable

We have almost 20 years’ experience of working with and caring for animals.

We’re caring

We have the utmost respect and love for all animals.  We treat them as if they were our own and we want the very best for them

Security conscious

Any keys kept for your property are securely kept without any personal information that could identify your house.

Extensive vet nursing experience and training

20 years’ experience of working with and caring for animals, several of these working as a veterinary nurse.


qualification in veterinary nursing obtained from the R.C.V.S (Royal college of veterinary surgeons)

Fully  insured

Care, Custody & Control Insurance, Public Liability insurance, key cover and accidental injury insurance.

Safety conscious

Our vehicle that is specially adapted with secure cages for pet transportation.  All dogs travel in individual cages, unless they live together.  We never allow dogs from different families to share a cage!