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TLC for cats in their own home!

Why you need a cat sitter!
Cats are generally much more independent, self sufficient and easier to leave alone than dogs, as they are able to use a litter tray and don’t need to be walked. However they still need to be cared for and given a clean litter tray, fresh food and water and being left alone for longer than a day can be quite traumatic for some cats! Some cats crave attention and fuss just like dogs.

This is where our cat sitter in Bedlington service comes in!
I will come to your home once or twice a day depending on what is best for your pets. This is great for those that have timid cats or too many cats to make a cattery an option. Our cat sitter in Bedlington services are adaptable to you and your pet’s needs and medication etc can be given.

Fuss and attention
Lots of cats love to be fussed and have lots of attention, but cats can also be very complex and often only want attention on their terms. We are happy to go with each cat, some come running up for cuddles the minute we come in, some prefer not to bothered too much.
We’re happy to give as much or as little attention the cat needs and wants. We’re also happy to play with the cats with their favourite toys. This gives them mental stimulation and can prevent them becoming bored and lethargic. This is especially important for indoor cats.

Our small pet sitting services are ideal for small pets when you are on holiday.

Especially suitable for those that have many small pets or chickens or if you have timid pets like rabbits and guinea pigs that prefer to be in their own home. When your pets stay in their own home they can keep their usual routine with minimum upset to themselves.
Our Small pet sitting services vary depending on the needs of your pets. I will come to your home once or twice a day and your pets will be provided with fresh food, clean water, have their litter trays or cages cleaned and we will make sure they are generally fit and well and happy. If you have chickens we will let them in and out of their coops and collect any eggs too!

Peace of Mind.

For your peace of mind I am also happy to send updates of your pet via text message and can post pictures of your pet on Facebook, so you can be assured your pet is receiving the very best of care from our cat sitting services in your absence! You can relax knowing that your pet is fed, exercised, clean and safe, so you can enjoy your holiday as much as they’re enjoying theirs!
Home security check included.
We give the impression someone is at home, by opening and closing blinds and curtains, switching lights on and off and putting out the bins, bringing in post, parcels, milk etc.