Puppy Visits

Providing all the time and attention a young pup needs!

While puppies are very young they need a lot of time and attention.  They need to be fed several times a day and need frequent toilet breaks to help get them house trained.  Routine and consistency are vital to house train your puppy.  We can help with this by ensuring your puppy is fed and allowed toilet breaks when you cant be there.  Puppies need a lot of attention and if left to their own devices can become destructive and noisy.

puppy care bedlington
puppy training bedlington

Walking, socialising and playtime.

The time frame for socialising is very short and anything a puppy doesn’t experience before 16 weeks of age is likely to be very scary for them!  Our puppy visits can help with socialising as we can take them for a short lead walk once they are old enough so they can see and meet new people and we can even introduce them to other friendly puppies and adult dogs to help them learn vital doggy social skills!

The experiences your puppy has in the first few months of life are extremely important as they will help shape their personality and temperament and determine whether they grow into a happy well socialised dog.  Puppies must be exposed to all sorts of things to ensure they can cope with everyday life, and are happy and confident around new people and dogs.

puppy care bedlington

I have lots of experience with raising and training puppies and are happy to help and offer ideas and tips for everything from feeding, house training, crate training, the dreaded teenage years or any worries or problems you may have.

Get in touch to day and give your pup the best possible start in life!